Hi, I am Kristoffer

Hey there, and thanks for dropping by! I’m Kristoffer – Editor and owner of GPUGames. I do tech reviews for companies and write about the most common errors your may face on your PC! I have been a gamer since a young age and experiences tons of errors. Luckily I am a geek and can solve most myself so I thought – why not share the knowledge? Thats why I started gpugames.com as a non-profit website that would help people with tech errors. My time is funded by the Ads you see on the website, and they’re all delivered by Google Adsense.

gpugames.com was launched in january 2018 and have since hit 1 million visitors.

If you have troubles with your games or any questions regarding my website feel free to contact me on khm@gpugames.com.

You can also contact me on my Social Profiles: