Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Responding: How to Fix It

Giving users access to a vast range of entertainment options—including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and many more—it’s easy to see why Amazon’s Fire Stick has become so popular. 2016’s addition of Alexa voice control to the Fire Stick Remote made the device even more powerful, meaning that you now need only ask to see your favourite films or TV shows appear on screen.

If you’re plagued by your Amazon Fire Stick remote not responding, however, then that entertainment paradise can turn into a tech hell. But don’t lose hope: we’ve compiled some solutions that should put the Fire back into your TV (pardon the pun!). Let’s get started.

Check Whether Your Device Is Paired

To begin with, it’s worth getting a better understanding of the reasons behind your Amazon Fire Stick Remote not responding. In many cases, the issue is that your device isn’t paired to the Fire Stick—or that the pairing process has failed.

You’ll generally be able to identify this by checking out the settings on your Fire Stick. Simply open up the Settings menu, select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, and then go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes. If you don’t see your device in here, you’ll know that your remote hasn’t paired correctly.

Change the Batteries

We’re starting out with a simple fix: but if you find your Amazon Fire Stick Remote not working, it’s worth starting out with the easy options first. Some users have noted that the Remote can be quite particular, and only works properly with brand new batteries. While this may not fix the issue for all users, it’s worth keeping in mind before you cannibalise your other devices’ power—even if the batteries are fine in your TV remote, they might not fix your Fire Stick!

Clean Your Connectors

Whilst on the subject of batteries, it’s worth noting that—as is, unfortunately, often the case with hardware—some users may encounter leakage issues, resulting in the Amazon Fire Stick Remote not working. You may, for example, see residue left by leaked battery acid on the connectors.

If this is the case, then remove all batteries, gently clean the connectors using some steel wool and a dry cloth, and reinsert batteries—preferably new ones. Regularly checking that your connectors are clean should help keep your remote running smoothly.

Restart the Device

Another obvious fix when you find your Amazon Fire Stick not working is to restart it. This can be done in one of two ways. The first option is to simply unplug the device from the mains, then plug it back in again. This should sort out many common issues affecting your Fire Stick.

An alternative method is to use your Fire Stick Remote to restart the device—it might not help when your remote isn’t working, but it’s worth knowing how to do it when you’re back up and running! Simply press the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously, holding for about 5 seconds.

Finally, you can also restart the device by going to the Fire TV menu and choosing Settings > Device > Restart. Once restarted, you can try to repair your remote by holding down the Play/Pause button. If successful, you will hear Alexa saying, “Your remote has been paired”.

Hold Down the Home Button

Many users have suggested another quick fix for an Amazon Fire Stick Remote that isn’t responding: simply holding down the home button. You’ll need to hold this button down for at least 5 seconds; this should start the Bluetooth pairing process.

You might need to be a little patient with this fix: holding down the button starts the process, but it might take a little while to complete. Within a couple of minutes, though, you should be back in business, ready to stream away.

Reset the Remote

If you’re having responsiveness issues, they may be caused by your Amazon Fire Stick Remote not working. In this instance, you may be able to fix the problem by resetting the remote itself.

This is a simple fix: just hold down the Menu, Left and Back buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. This will reset the remote and return it to factory settings. Normally, the remote will then re-pair with your Fire Stick automatically; if not, hold down the home button for 5 seconds to make your remote discoverable on Bluetooth.

Disconnect Other Remotes

If you have more than one Fire Stick Remote (or other paired accessory), then this may interfere with the working of the remote you’re trying to use. To solve this issue, unpair any remotes or accessories you’re not using from your Fire Stick.

To do this, go to the settings menu of your Fire TV, and select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices to find a list of paired devices. Remove any you’re not using.

Don’t Mirror

As any seasoned user will know, the Fire Stick can be used to mirror what’s on another devices screen (such as a laptop) on your TV. Though a useful feature, you won’t be able to use your Fire Stick Remote while this is active. Make sure to stop using display mirroring, then try to use your remote again.

Use the App

If you’re still experiencing issues with your Fire Stick Remote, then the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to use this remote to control your media. Instead, you could use either the Android or iOS app on your smartphone as a remote for your Fire Stick.

Downloading this app is simple: you can find it on the Amazon Appstore, Apple Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded onto your mobile device, follow these steps to pair your phone to your Fire Stick:

  1. Connect your phone to WiFi—preferably to the same network as your Fire Stick.
  2. Open the Fire TV Remote App.
  3. Select the device you want to pair with.
  4. A code will appear on your TV screen. Enter this into your app when prompted to pair the devices.

App Issues

While using the app can help you to dodge any issues you’re experiencing with your Fire Stick Remote, it can throw up some of its own. Here are a few quick fixes for app-specific issues.

Incompatible Devices

First, ensure that your Fire TV Remote App is compatible with the device you’re using. Compatibility is available for:

  • Fire tablets with a microphone
  • Fire phones
  • Android devices with Android OS 4.0 and higher
  • iOS devices with iOS 7.0 and higher

Clear Data

You may find that your app runs smoother if you clear any cached data. Note that this is an Android-specific fix, and won’t affect iOS devices.

Clearing data is as simple as:

  1. Opening the Settings menu on your Android device
  2. Tapping on Apps or Application Manager
  3. Selecting “Fire TV Remote App”
  4. Tapping on Clear Data, and then OK

After you’ve cleared your data, simply re-open the app, then try re-pairing it to your Fire Stick.

We hope these tips and tricks have you up and running once again. Have fun streaming great films, music and TV shows on your Amazon Fire Stick!

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    Nice post. Unfortunately however none of your suggestions have worked for me. I’ve had issues with remotes since introducing a 2nd and now a 3rd Fire TV into the house. The remote will be working one day but not the next. I initially thought it was a problem with the remote so replaced the remote, i then replaced one of the fire TVs however a few weeks later i had the same problem. Amazon are pretty good at sending you out a free remote so in my troubleshooting I’ve acquired several. When one remote stops working, i grab another unused remote and it usually pairs. The only success I’ve had in getting a disconnected remote to pair is to turn off all 3 fire TV’s and then power them on one at a time and pair a remote.

    I ‘ve gotten to the point where i believe there’s some sort of conflict in remotes/TVs. They user Bluetooth which is flak at best. I’ve also not managed to pair my Bose Bluetooth to any of the Fire TVs. They connect and then disconnect straight away.

    Curious if anyone else has come across this.


    Thank you!!
    You made things very easy to understand. I changed batteries brand new. I was hoping that was it.Reset remote & restarted stick. Nothing I used remote app to go to settings to see if was in controller it wasn’t I followed your steps to pairing remote to stick. It worked!! Thank you again


    I have done all these things and my remote control is still not working, any other suggestions?


    I have new batteries, clean connections, have unplugged my firestick multiple times. I’ve tried every combination of button pushing/holding from this article and others I’ve found. Nothing works. I called amazon two weeks ago and they just have me go through all the same steps. I used a buddy’s remote that works for him at his house and still. I thing here on my device. Any other thoughts of what it might be or what I could try? Thank you.


      Hi Matt!

      Could you try opening the battery container and brush/scrape the connectors of the remote in each end? There might be something blocking the batteri. Wipe of residue with a dry cloth. Once it looks clean and shiny place the batteries back in and connect the rmote.

      If none of this works you should contact Amazon and get a new remote with your warranty.

      Best wishes,


    Hi, my remote is dead tried everything, nothing worked. Downloaded phone app it seems to work fine, but how do i calibrate screen using my phone app


    hello, i have read your post and also my remote is dead tried everything, nothing worked. Downloaded phone app it seems to work fine, but how do i calibrate screen using my phone app


    I bought a Amazon Firestick from my uncle. When I plugged it in it said network connection lost and automfatically took me to the network settings. Well my remote wasnt working so I changed the batteries and tried to pair it again and nothing. I cant get into the settings on the Firestick because the remote does not work. And when I download the app I cannot use that because the firestick is not connected to WIFI. HELP!


    Unfortunately I tried your suggestion of resetting the remote (because I read somewhere that this method only resets the remote and does NOT do a factory reset on the stick itself), well guess what… it totally did a factory reset on my firestick so I lost everything! And I originally purchased with all the all the apps already installed on it and ready to go so I have no idea how I’m ever going to fix it (get it back to the way it was before the reset)… I don’t have the $ to pay someone to get it working again either. Needless to say I’m totally crushed!


    Thanks for providing knowledge about how to fix if amazon fire sticks remote not working.

    Thanks again for helping me.


    The paragraph ‘Check whether your device is paired’ is correct but glosses over the fact that if you have no working remote you can’t reach the Settings area. Try downloading the FireTV app to you phone, then use that to navigate to Settings. Then treat your unresponsive remote as a new device – i.e. add it by following the instructions on your TV, using the app.


    You tell us what to do but do not tell us which buttons are the ones to press the home button has a picture of a house the other buttons I have to guess.


    Thank you so much! Fixed me right up!

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