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PokerStars won’t open on mac – Fix & Guide

PokerStars is one of the most popular ways worldwide to play online poker. However, it isn’t flawless and occasional issues will come up here or there from time to time. Luckily, the community is so big and the support team so experienced, that most issues can be solved relatively easily. So, if, for example, your PokerStars won’t open, there’s nothing to worry about. You aren’t the first to come up with a problem like that.

Things get a little trickier if you’re on Mac. PokerStars software was originally developed for Windows. A Mac OS compatible version came out later on, so it has a shorter history of development. Despite that, thousands of online poker players use PokerStars on Mac every single day and have the time of their lives.

So, if you became an unlucky one today and got an issue, there are a few things to try first. We will cover all the necessary steps to take if PokerStars won’t open on Mac all of a sudden. Whatever the cause for this failure, there’s a fix available. So, let’s get to the causes right away.

Why PokerStars Won’t Open On Mac?

In fact, there can be many answers to this question. Some people experience similar inconveniences after a PokerStars update. On the contrary, others can’t seem to open PokerStars on Mac OS suddenly and for no apparent reason. In any case, we’re talking about the client not running at all, or software not launching. If you can open PokerStars but can’t play online poker or experience another issue, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

If PokerStars won’t open on Mac, here are a few troubleshooting techniques that will solve this for you.

Update Your Mac OS To The Newest Version

PokerStars software itself might not be the cause of its failure to run. The cause might actually be your Mac OS, especially if you haven’t updated it in a while. That’s because PokerStars doesn’t support old versions of the Apple operating system. The oldest Mac OS you must have is Mac OS X 10.7, also known as Lion. If yours is older, then you absolutely must upgrade.

Luckily, you can upgrade your operating system quite easily by downloading it at the official Mac OS site. The modern computers will have no problem in running this version of Macintosh. However, if your hardware is very old and can’t support this operating system, there’s yet another solution.

You can always use a virtual machine, of which there are many, to run Windows on top of the Mac OS. This way, you can then run PokerStars software for Windows. That’s because a virtual machine emulates the environment as present in Windows, making all the Windows software compatible with your device.

Speaking of software and hardware compatibility, PokerStars have minimum system requirements too. If you don’t meet them, this may also cause problems such as PokerStars not opening on Mac. The requirements are as follows:

• 512MB RAM
• 1024×768 screen resolution or higher
• 60MB free disk space
• 56k dial-up Internet connection

Reinstall Or Update Your PokerStars Software

Similarly, PokerStars itself may cause compatibility issues. In this case, you should update the software to its newest version to enjoy online poker again. PokerStars support is always working on new versions of the client and games. These include new features as well as bug fixes, improved performance and compatibility.

It might be that your old PokerStars version is not supported anymore and the issue you’re experiencing had been fixed with a later update patch. By upgrading your PokerStars client and software you can make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

As already mentioned, some updates can cause issues that weren’t present before. If your Pokerstars won’t open on Mac right after an update, though, don’t worry. Developers are probably already aware of this and are working on a fix.

In case you already had the newest version possible, but still can’t open PokerStars on Mac, try reinstalling. A solution as simple as this fix more issues than you could imagine. Just make sure to follow a few steps beforehand. First, you’ve got to uninstall the current software. Then, restart your device before moving on to a new installation.

Check Your Internet Connection

If the problem persists, it might be caused by corrupted files due to transfer errors when downloading the software from PokerStars website. Therefore, make sure your internet connection is working consistently and at full capacity. Also, make sure that no third-party software is limiting its access to the internet. So, once again, try downloading PokerStars again and installing this new file, after having deleted the previous one.

A broken internet connection may actually be the cause of PokerStars not launching, even if it downloaded and installed correctly. That’s because it requires a stable internet connection to access any online poker games.

E-mail PokerStars Support

If all else fails, you can always contact PokerStars support. They have years of experience of troubleshooting PokerStars on Mac and have seen it all. They’re also kind enough to look into your specific situation as closely as possible. Sometimes, PokerStars won’t open on Mac for more complicated reasons. The official support is your best bet to find the solution easily and quickly in that case.

You can find the support team on their official website. Just don’t forget to include the specific details when making an inquiry. This includes your Mac OS version, the version of your device and the version of PokerStars software. Plus, a detailed explanation of the issue helps a lot too.