backpacking power bank

Solar Powered Power Bank for hiking, camping or backpacking

If you’r going on a camping trip with limited access to power then the 12000 mAh solar powered power bank from Sandberg is the perfect choice.

Enough to charge your standard iPhone X more than 10 times on full battery and easily re-charged with its large solar panels. Just put it on the ground or put it over your backpack to charge it while hiking.

backpacking in canada
Backpacking in Canada

The best solar power bank of 2019?

Oh yes, it is. And here’s why:

  • 12000 mAh or enough for 10 full charges of an iPhone 5
  • Included wireless charging for new phones with Qi.
  • Two USB ports for charging
  • Four large panels for obtaining sunlight
  • Snap hook included
  • Made in United States of America
  • Includes a flashlight
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Lightweight (400g)
  • MicroUSB (input) for charging the powerbank
  • Usable down to minus 10 degrees and up to 70 degrees celcius.
  • Low price (around €100)
Solar Panels folded out

Above you can see the solar panels fully folded out. These are used to charge the power bank when you’re out backpacking or camping.

Package and Unpacked

This is the power bank package and unpacked. Its very small and can easily be strapped to your backback when travelling.


This power bank has 3 ports. All three can be used for charging your device and the micro USB is for charging the power bank.

The best power bank for hiking

Hiking and taking pictures or using maps usually takes a lot of power. If you are catching Pokémons at the same time your battery will be drained very very quick. With this power bank you can re-charge your phone for an eternity. Just attach the power bank to your backpack and let the sun recharge it while you charge your phone at the same time.

young people at fireplace
Young people around a fireplace

Going camping? You will need this power bank…

Going camping usually mean limited access to power. Most people have a generator running on fuel or propane gas but you want to save this for heating or cooking. With the Sandberg 1200 mAh solar powered power bank you can go for days without going home to recharge your power bank.

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