Waterproof power bank with light for outdoor activities

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, cycling trip or similar you most likely need a power bank on your trip. That could be for your phone, camera or a lightning device you need at nighttime. The latest Power Bank (Survivor Powerbank 20100) from Sandberg is their new competitor in this market. With a powerful flashlight, IP67 certified and able to charge two devices at once this might be the ideal power bank to bring for your outdoor trip.

Extreme Durability & Waterproof Power Bank

Most powerbanks will break in the rain, but Sandberg is dedicated to create the perfect power bank for outdoor trips with their new Active Lineup of gear. The 5 year-warranty Survivor Power Bank is no exception. Build for outdoor trips and advertised as the ultimate backup battery for recharging mobiles and other mobile USB devices.

The Sandberg Power Bank comes in a nice package that instantly tells your that this is made for outdoors. It is very heavy and it feels like a quality product.


The waterproof and shock proof power bank comes with two USB ports and one micro USB for charging the power bank. The power bank can charge a normal iPhone around 10 times which makes it very durable for even long trips. If you’re going for an even longer trip you might consider bringing a solar powered power bank that can charge itself in the sun strapped to your backpack when hiking.

Inputs & Outputs

When you’re at Sandberg shopping a power bank you might as well get the military branded Sandberg Lightning Cable for Apple products. It is much better quality than the default apple product and is a better fit for outdoor adventures.

Military Cable

Where do I buy a waterproof power bank?

You can find the waterproof power bank at Sandbergs own webshop. It cost around $130 which is a very fair price in the current market.

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